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Port Agency

Liner Agency

Orient Maritime Group's expertise and experience in the ship agency industry enables us to craft needs-based solutions for you. This ensures that we deliver utmost reliability, efficiency and efficacy to you at every step along the way. Our clients can always have a peace of mind knowing that we put their needs first and foremost. Our wide range of liner agency services include:

Our confidence that Orient Maritime Group's experience and reputation can be relied on ensures that as your liner agency of choice, we will take into our responsibility of marketing and sales of our principal's products and our clients will never have to worry about a thing. By understanding our customers' needs at every juncture, we ensure top notch service delivered by us and our trusted partners all around the world.

We never take any chances when it comes to making sure your cargage never stops moving. As your liner agency, we will make necessary bookings at all times. We take great pride in our knowledge and experience in conducting our business, and it shows in our initiative and foresight.

Even the littlest of details may prove to be an obstacle when we are in the business of logistics in this fast moving economy. You can be sure that documentation is taken care of by professionals who know exactly what they are dealing with. Orient Maritime Group provides full documentation services just so our customers can always know that we take our commitment to excellent customer service very seriously.

Your confidence in Orient Maritime Group is evident in our commitment from getting your goods from origin to destination as quickly and worry-free as possible. When it comes to transshipment, it is no different. Our offices and partnerships are steady and reliable, making sure that we are with you every step of the way.

Orient Maritime Group prides ourselves as deliverers of solutions for all your needs. Knowing that containers are the main carriage option and storage for your goods, we do whatever we can to ensure that security, transparency and professionalism in managing your containers are never compromised.

The means by which your goods will be transported - this is an essential component in the safe and sound delivery of your goods and on time. With our dedicated professionals in the industry with decades of experience, you know that you can trust Orient Maritime Group to ensure efficient vessel operation at all times.

At every step of the way, Orient Maritime Group is with you. Ensuring that freight is received and released without any delays is a priority. We understand the business in which we are in, and we make sure that all grounds are covered so you will never have to worry.

Logistics Management

From the point of origin to its destination, Orient Maritime Group can be trusted to ensure that customer's demands are always met. Whether it is planning, execution or implementation - Orient Maritime Group is your answer to all your logistics management needs.

Knowing what is going with your goods and where they are is a priority we keep in mind. Ensuring that delays and complications are avoided at all costs is our ethos. With trusted partners working around the clock, you know that your goods are in good hands. There is no compromise for a job done well, and we will make sure that your assurance is paramount.