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Orient Maritime Group understands that a company that continually moves forward is one which focuses on work environments that are healthy, safe and conducive. Orient Maritime Group invests time in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management in order to ensure optimal working conditions, while ensuring that our care goes beyond the normal call of duty.

  • Quality

Keeping the highest possible standards for all our operations throughout the globe is tough, but Orient Maritime Group puts in utmost effort in ensuring that your needs are met with the Orient standards. Work has to be done fast, and well, and no corners are cut and there is no question at all that you can always trust us to adhere to high standards.

  • Health

Work is not all that Orient Maritime Group's employees focus on. We encourage all our staff to live a lifestyle that is a good balance between work and personal time. Keeping physical and mental health in mind is essential in a happy and healthy workforce, and in turn a healthy work environment that is accident free, conducive and productive.

  • Safety

We care for our staff. And we make sure that safety protocols are taught and stressed in order to prevent work accidents or mishaps from happening. We know that every one works hard to care for their families, and we make sure that our safety standards are kept high, so that our workers get home safe to their families every single day.

  • Environment

Leaving as small an environment footprint as possible is a key value that we have. We rely on the seas to make sure that business carries on every day seamlessly, but we do not take our environment for granted. We protect our environment, so that our future generations can enjoy the fruits of our labor.